List of calcium-rich foods

List of calcium-rich foods
List of calcium-rich foods

Do you know how much calcium is necessary for our body? Calcium plays an important role in the formation of teeth and bones. Therefore, there is no substitute for calcium-rich foods to stay healthy. Calcium deficiency can cause problems with nerves, heart rate, and muscles as well as bone and tooth loss. Again Excessive bone loss can lead to serious diseases like osteoporosis. So to avoid the diseases caused by calcium deficiency, it is necessary to keep all the foods that contain calcium in our diet.

In today's post, we will know the names of calcium-rich foods which can be easily included in your diet. And when and how much should these calcium-rich foods be taken, we will know in detail about this.

Many people take calcium tablets to eliminate the lack of calcium. But taking excess calcium is harmful to our bodies. It can lead to kidney stones. So if you keep calcium-rich foods in your diet, you don't have to face such problems. Now let's know the names of the foods. 


List of calcium-rich foods

Eating almonds regularly boosts immunity. Because almonds are rich in nutrients and benefits. Nuts contain calcium which strengthens our teeth and bone structure. Also contains antioxidants that help to increase our brain power. Nuts contain protein, calcium, fiber, vitamin E, and antioxidants. Therefore, considering the benefits of nuts, we need to keep nuts in our diet. You can eat peanuts, almonds, or walnuts as you like

Sour yogurt

List of calcium-rich foods

A great source of calcium is sour yogurt. In addition, probiotics are available in sour yogurt. That's why sour yogurt is called a superfood. If you eat yogurt regularly, the calcium and vitamin D in yogurt will strengthen your teeth and bones. Also, it will eliminate your digestive problems and help you to control your weight. Therefore, if you want to stay healthy, yogurt must be included in your daily diet.


List of calcium-rich foods

Lentils are a good source of calcium. Lentils also contain other important nutrients besides calcium. Such as iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, etc. So you can keep lentils in your diet. Because the calcium in lentils is useful for building our bodies. It also increases blood circulation in our bodies. So lentils are an ideal food for many as calcium-rich food.

Green vegetables

Calcium is high in vegetables, especially leafy vegetables. Therefore, we need to keep green vegetables in our daily diet. Vegetables that are rich in calcium such as spinach, mustard greens, and broccoli. Also, green leafy vegetables, red leafy vegetables, and beets help us to get rid of anemia.


List of calcium-rich foods

Milk is one of the nutritious foods for building our bodies. It increases our immune system. Milk contains essential nutrients for our body such as calcium, protein, vitamins, potassium, phosphorus, etc. Calcium in milk strengthens our teeth and bones and helps strengthen muscles. In addition, most of the vitamins needed for good sleep are found in milk. Therefore, keeping milk in the diet regularly improves sleep and helps relieve stress. However, many people have problems digesting milk, but they can eat yogurt instead of milk. You will get a lot of benefits from it


Seafood contains high-quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids that are especially beneficial for your heart and brain. Calcium is found especially in oily fish. Therefore, you can eat Seafood as a calcium-rich food. Besides, small fish also have many benefits. So try to keep this type of fish in your diet.

Dry fruit

Eating dry fruits regularly can fill up the lack of calcium in our bodies. So try to keep dry fruits in your diet. Dried fruits that are high in calcium are dates, raisins, almonds, and apricots. However, eating excess nuts and dates may increase your body weight. For this, it is necessary to consume dry fruits in quantity.

Sesame seeds

List of calcium-rich foods

You can eat sesame seeds to compensate for calcium deficiency. However, black sesame is high in calcium. But if you want, you can also eat white sesame seeds. One spoonful of sesame seeds provides about 90 ml of calcium. But sesame must be chewed well. One thing to remember before eating sesame seeds is don't eat sesame seeds with any heavy food. Rather you can eat sesame seeds with light food. You can eat sesame seeds in the morning or afternoon at your convenience.

Moringa leaves

List of calcium-rich foods

Consuming Moringa leaf powder is rich in calcium. It contains more calcium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc than milk. That's why the Moringa leaf is called the source of energy. So Moringa leaf is one of the foods with calcium. Besides, by eating this leaf regularly, our constipation is removed.


List of calcium-rich foods

One of the dairy foods is cheese. In addition to calcium, it contains phosphorus, zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin B12. Regular consumption of cheese fills our lack of calcium and blood pressure is under control. As a result, the risk of heart disease is reduced. So you can keep cheese in your daily diet. Apart from these foods, calcium is available in rajma, chickpeas, and soybeans. Therefore, you can keep these foods on the food list as per the convenience of drinking.

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